We have progressively over the years improved our herd with selective breeding and herd management.           As with any breeding program we are trying to improve on the animals we have to work with.  We do our best to eliminate undesirable characteristics and have made progress toward that goal.  We are on milk test and  LA. We do participate in the ADGA plus performance program. Our goal is to breed does that are easily milked, have good structure and dairy character and correct mammary systems. 

Having all those wild colors and the occasional blue eyes is a plus too. 

Most of our kids are dam raised unless circumstances dictate otherwise. We wean the kids at about 8-10 weeks and start milking the does immediately after. 

Most kids go to their new home soon after weaning usually around 10 weeks of age.

Reserving Your Kid
To reserve a  kid, not yet on the ground just email or contact us by phone with your selection(s). After the kid is on the ground and your selection(s) have been made a non-refundable deposit of half the purchase price is required. The remaining balance due upon pick up or delivery of kid.
Deposits along with any monies paid on cancelled orders are not refunded. As the breeder/owner of these animals, I do reserve the right to keep any animal born.

All Bucks born after 1-01-24 will require DNA to be on file with ADGA.....
I will request DNA and submit sample....
Prices for Bucklings will reflect the added DNA testing...
Remember that any buckling born after 1-1-24 has to have DNA on file with ADGA or their offspring will not be registerable.

Deposits and Payment
Prices quoted are for animals picked up at the farm. Deposits on live and mature animals will
hold that animal until pick-up within 30 days After weaning.
 Sending a deposit is your guarantee that you will buy
that animal at the agreed upon price within the time frame specified. Deposits on live animals offered for sale are accepted at the rate of HALF the purchase price per animal. Once a deposit is placed on a live animal, the goat must be picked up within 30 days or the animal may be offered for sale again or a boarding fee assessed at the rate of $4/day for kids and dry does, $5/day for bucks, and $6/day for does in milk. Deposits can be transferred to another animal but all monies paid on cancelled orders are not refunded. Cash, cashier's checks, paypal, money orders, credit/debit cards are accepted.  Buyer is responsible for all health certificates, veterinary exams, blood tests,  and other costs associated with veterinary fees and transport.

All goats are sold as healthy at the time they leave and no other guarantees are given to the future health and quality of the animal(s).  Any further testing the buyer would like is at the buyers expense.  

I do accept PayPal -Venmo and Zelle payments at piperspets@aol.com. Please be aware that buyer is responsible
for paypal transaction fees. Fees are assessed by Paypal to recipient whenever you use a credit
card (or otherwise use uncollected monies) to make the purchase. Please include appropriate
fees in your transaction at the time of the transaction (ie: send $206.10 for a $200 deposit.) If your
paypal payment comes from a collected balance in your paypal account, you should not encounter
transaction fees. You can also send the paypal funds as a "gift" and fees are not assessed.
I also accept Major credit and debit cards with Square. I do prefer using this method for payments. As with paypal buyer is responsible for all service charges. In the case of the credit/debit card payment a 2.75% transaction fee will be assessed (ie: $205.50 for a $200.00 deposit).

Believe it or not, there are 5 of them there.
Change in sales policy:
All kids sold will have original ADGA certificate or will have been registered and a stamped duplicate will be given to new owner's.
Pricing will reflect this change. In the past we have just given an application for registration, this will no longer be the case.....It is extremely irritating to fill out an application with the name of a kid (which follows a criteria we have used for 20+ YEARS) only for that name to have been changed by the new owner without permission from us. The reason for the criteria is for our reference, when said kid was born and to whom....If the name is changed I can't help with any information if I do not have a record for that kid because the name was changed.
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